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I hate this love song, I’ll never sing it again
Take me to where you are, a place with the moon and stars

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two different personality of kim sunggyu when the camera is on and off

moral of the story never ever sing Sunggyu’s solo song wrongly.


Dankook University blogs about T.O.P’s recent Visit (140328)!

With T.O.P senior~♥ Yummy meat & Dankook that I love ! We ate meat well.

T.O.P secretly visited our university, to take a graduation exam but came to the dinner meeting too. T.O.P said he is a person who gets shy easily, but he encouraged our students here. We gave him a medal and a bear. The boys were as glad to see him as the girls.T.O.P treated us to dinner. I’d like to say thanks again to T.O.P. His appearance is (the) TOP!”

*NOTE: T.O.P is in the process of obtaining his master’s degree.

Source: Dankook’s Blog

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Why has no one gifed this yet!?


Oh, just a normal day with BIGBANG… freaking OT5. Reason why my fandom is so perfect. *hugs*


at Seoul Music Awards


everything personal


Infinite exemplifying their favourite choreo
and then there's Myungsoo..


woogyu being dumb and embarrassing each other

me too dongwoo, me too..