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I hate this love song, I’ll never sing it again
Take me to where you are, a place with the moon and stars

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you are even more beautiful when you sing

2/23 gifs of Wu Yi Fan smiling

Heart Melting Smiles From the one & only Mr.凡先生

9/ edits of Mr. Fantastic a.k.a. 태완미


Funny quotes from a teacher in a K-drama!


In this life, everyone of us will meet someone that they won’t be able to forget. And what is strange is that they won’t be ours.

You’ll like them, they will have all the traits that your heart sculpted for your mind, they will be you in another place,

You’ll live another life with them, you won’t be able to come closer nor to get away,

They’re once a lover, once a friend and another time a stranger,

And the days pass,

And you wish to find a reason to hate them, but can’t,

Fear getting attached to them, but already had,

Sometimes you’ll think that they’re yours,

But you’ll strangle your soul with a silent sigh, saying : “He’s not mine.”


He is not mine (via nizariat)


Instiz: A broadcast accident of confetti on Music Bank

The golden confetti covered all of Beast members…


and was pouring only on  them
The director responsible for stage effects was probably like: “I’ve heard you love confetti. Ok then, here’s your glitter…”



that’s what I call an OT3-moment (Ɔ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ )˘⌣˘ C).

好吃吗?Kris哥哥~ LOL!!




what is the one thing you want most right now?